Hear Our Story

The origin of this idea was born at the intersection of different events. Matthew and his Dad went to go suit shopping for the upcoming B’Nai Mitzvah circuit, and the pride Matt’s Dad felt watching his son enjoy these events with his friends as well as preparing for his own Big Day was impactful. Dad felt fortunate that he didn’t have to worry about the cost of the suit and wondered if there were teens and their families struggling to fund these events.

The communal effects of these types of events are meaningful. They bring family and friends together. They strengthen the bonds of the child to their family history and to their community. Given the expense of some of these types of events, they also cause stress to those families whose resources may not equal the social expectation this special day might entail.

That is the reason Big Day Clothing Exchange was founded. Given today’s sharing economy (Uber, Citi Bike, Air BnB) it’s only natural for garments used once or twice to be on loan to one’s peers, for the purposes of allocating a family’s capital towards more long-lasting assets- a photographer to capture the joy of the day, seed money for a college fund, a trip to see a grandparent.

Please join us in transforming this market, and help us make someone’s Big Day!

Andrew, Gina, Matthew and Talia

Matthew B. Samalin- Executive Director

A 7th grader at Fox Lane Middle School, Matthew is studying for his Bar Mitzvah, and this is his Bar Mitzvah (and high school) project. Matt’s hobbies include basketball, football, video games, Chicken parmesan.

Talia E. Samalin- Assistant Executive Director.

Talia is a 5th grader and wrapping up elementary school. Her interests include lacrosse and gymnastics. She enjoys spending time with her friends, hanging out with her dog Lucky, and loves going to sleepaway camp! Talia is definitely a 10 for 2. Btw, a 10 for 2 is a camp kid that waits the whole year (10 months) for 2 months of camp!

Andrew and Gina Samalin- Matt and Talia’s parents

Gina is a global finance director at Diageo PLC, a global adult beverage company, and Andrew is a principal at Samalin Group, an investment firm in Chappaqua NY, specializing in financial planning for attorneys and their clients.